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Glamping History

Glamping history

It is more than 10 years since the word 'glamping' appeared in the UK, alongside other terms such as boutique camping and luxury camping. Since then, the use of the portmanteau has grown year by year.

If we look back, we soon discover that the concept itself isn't new. Centuries ago, wealthy travellers would pitch up in lavish tents filled with extravagant furnishings. In the early 1900s, it also became popular for Americans and Europeans to travel to Africa to stay in safari tents. Of course, they didn’t want to leave the luxuries of the home on their travels – so it came with them!

Modern day glamping

Glamping today is often associated with luxury and somewhat quirky accommodation. It can range from huge safari tents and cabins, to smaller teepees and domes. It caters for those who are searching for an unusual getaway or simply want to enjoy a short break without waking up on a deflated airbed! On a glamping break today, you can expect to take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy on-site spas. Meanwhile, children will be kept entertained with adventure climbing frames and farm animals!

Current trends

Staycations have been on the rise in the UK over the past decade. The financial troubles and political unrest of recent years seems to have lead to a demand for good value, luxury holidays that are closer to home. There is little wonder when you consider what's now being offered.

The ever-building pressures and stress of our busy daily lives can be relieved by a few days 'digital detox' and with sites across the country enticing us with comfortable camping options, who would say no? You can explore the great outdoors; reset your natural body clock and cosy up around the campfire. All whilst returning to a plush double bed for a good night’s sleep!

Introduction to the Unidome

Our sister company, Baconinflate, offers a huge range of inflatable structures to suit outdoor and indoor events. Create Structures was recently launched to bring more traditional, tensile temporary structures to the market.

Inspired by the dwelling places of nomadic tribes across the world, the wooden frame domes blend in seamlessly across a wide range of outdoor locations. You can fully customise the domes in a huge range of colours, or even digital print branding – making the Unidomes the ideal choice for corporate glamping experiences.

The nature of glamping lends itself to corporate activities. Employers can arrange a few nights luxury camping and activities for their team. And why not incorporate the mini-break with some training sessions or team building? Alternatively, arrange a glamping experience for clients or investors - a chance to showcase your product in a fun and relaxed environment.

Create Structures offers purchase, lease and hire options for the Unidome. Whether you own a luxury camping site or are creating an immersive one-off event, we’ll have flexible packages to work around you.

To learn more about the Unidome from Create Structures, get in touch here.

You can also come and see a Unidome for yourself - we're excited to be exhibiting with the Unidome at the Festival & Outdoor Events Show at Sandown Park on 27th & 28th September 2017. Visit us at Stand OS90!

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