Stirrups Hotel - HEX Shades
Private Cabanas
Client Brief:

After the success of installing the Dome Dining Experience the Stirrups Hotel were looking for something to facilitate outdoor dining during the hotter sunnier summer months and contacted Kreate Spaces again to provide the solution.

What we delivered:

The new HEX Shade provided the perfect solution, sitting on a footprint of 4.6m (other sizes available) and manufactured in the UK using solid curved wooden beams and state of the art shade fabric covers providing both cover and shade from the unpredictable British weather.

The HEX Shade design also featured detachable and roll up/down window sides, LED down lighting and pendant light/heater to complete the look and functionality.

The quality of build and specification provided a structurally engineers high-end finish fit for any commercial hotel and restaurant application in keeping with the range of structures from Kreate Spaces.

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