Client Brief:

Penguins needed to create some outdoor meeting rooms as part of a larger scale training conference at Fanhams Hall. Each pod needed to be easily identifiable with space for 10-12 people inside. The domes needed to be installed and removed quickly on the meadow area at the venue.

What we delivered:

We installed six Unidomes in different colours, along with foam flooring. The domes were fully installed within a few hours, ready to be dressed with colour co-ordinated bean bags. The client was fortunate enough to have some glorious sunshine on their event days, so each dome was supplied with two doors to allow adequate ventilation. 

Unidomes can be used as meeting rooms either outdoors or indoors. There are opportunities to include branding for corporate events and training sessions making the domes look completely unique!


Kreate Spaces can install Unidomes as permanent installations, or even just for a one-day event. Get in touch with your requirement for a tailored quote.

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