Client Brief:

Intercontinental is Dublin's finest 5 star hotel. Set in 2 acres of landscaped gardens, the hotel is a luxurious and elegant retreat for travellers to Dublin.

Looking to make the most of their inner courtyard, Intercontinental commissioned Create Structures to install three Unidomes which could be used as afternoon tea pods and champagne bars.

What we delivered:

We installed three completely clear Unidomes, complete with raised wooden flooring with non-slip vinyl finish. The Unidome's 'pop-up' nature meant that the disturbance to the hotel guests was minimal, and all work was complete within one day.


The #gardencocoons are now stylishly dressed, and guests are enjoying afternoon tea from the comfort of their own garden pod - come rain or shine! 


Maximise your outdoor terraced or lawn areas 365 days a year. With options to hire or purchase, we can provide a solution that works for you.


Kreate Spaces can install Unidomes as permanent installations, or even just for a one-day event. Get in touch with your requirement for a tailored quote.

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