Experience Engine - Grafton Centre
Client Brief:

Experience Engine were set the brief to create an unusual experience for The Grafton Centre customers during the leadup to the Festive Holiday period.

Three Nordic immersive igloos were required to be installed around the food social section for shoppers to experience.

The igloos each represented a different environment, pine forests, the oceans and the northern lights, with a focus on environmental issues.

These free attractions will play with visitors’ senses by utilising sound, smell and sight.

What we delivered:
What we delivered:

The first 12ft igloo required transparent panel and solid wooden framework. The domes were themed by Experience Engine as a seabed, with suspended jelly fish canopies people can sit under, and a sound machine that will emit beach and sea sound effects, so shoppers feel like they are under the ocean.

The second 12ft igloo was dressed as a pine forest, with multiple small pine trees in the dome and seats replicating tree logs. There will also be aroma diffusers to make the igloo smell like the forest.

Finally, there is the Aurora Borealis igloo, the only non-transparent dome (black-out) with immersive projection display mimicking the northern lights.

John O’Shea, centre manager at The Grafton, said: “We have come up with something really special for Christmas at the shopping centre this year and are excited to see the three igloos in action in the build-up to the big day.

“This Nordic experience is like nothing I have seen before in a shopping centre and I’m looking forward to seeing the Cambridge community come along to see the igloos for themselves.

“They are great for the whole family and a brilliant way to take a break from Christmas shopping.”

The event received universal acclaim for its innovation and high production value with 1,059 engagements on social media received and audience reach over Social Media: 79,120 and PR reaching an audience of 610,279.

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